Kristallographisches Institut, Universität. Freiburg 

Kristallographisches Institut, Universität. Freiburg

The main interests of the institute are:

  1. 1. The growth and characterization of single crystals and semiconductor (silicon and III-V compounds) materials under terrestrial and space conditions. Influence of growth conditions on the quality of crystals with special respect to the optimisation of device properties.
  2. 2. The synthesis, structural analysis and computer-assisted molecular modelling of new ternary and multiternary structures for photovoltaic and thermoelectric applications.
  3. 3. The simulation of fluid dynamics, material and heat transport in metal- and semiconductor-melts to optimise the crystal properties.

Space experiments on satellites, on board space shuttles, sounding rockets and parabola flights are funded by ESA/ESTEC (european) and DLR/BMBF (national funding). The structural characterisation includes synchrotron X-ray topography in cooperation with the synchrotron light source ANKA at the Research Centre Karlsruhe, Germany.


Jochen Wittge
Andreas Nikolaus Danilewsky
Address: Högestr. 44, D-79108 Freiburg, Germany
Date of birth: August, 19 1958
Place of birth: Stuttgart - Untertürkheim, Germany
Nationality: German
1979-1986: Study of Mineralogy at the Institute of Mineralogy and Crystal Chemistry, University of Stuttgart, qualification "Diplom-Mineraloge"
1991: PhD, Dr. rer. nat. at the Faculty of Geosciences of the Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg i. Br., PhD-thesis: "Growth of Compound Semiconductors: Mechanisms and Dopant Incorporation"
1991: "Gödecke-Research Award 1991" for PhD- thesis
since 1989: Various space projects "Crystal growth from high temperature solutions in Space" funded by ESA/ESTEC (european) and DLR/BMBF (national funding) Reviewer for "J. of Crystal Growth", "Crystal Research and Technology", "physica status solidi"
since 1999: Design and scientific support of the X-ray topography beamline at the synchrotron ANKA, Research Centre Karlsruhe, Germany
since 2002: Chairman of the ANKA Review Committee (ARC) at the synchrotron ANKA, Research Centre Karlsruhe, Germany
since 2006: Member of the executive board of the German Association for Crystal Growth (DGKK)
1986 - 1986: Scientific employee at the 4th Physical Institute of the University of Stuttgart, Germany
1987 - 1989: Scientific employee at the Faculty of Physics of the University-GH-Paderborn, Germany
since 1990: Scientific employee and scientific assistant at the Crystallographic Institute of the Albert-
Ludwigs-University of Freiburg, Germany

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