Centro De Estudios E Investigaciones Técnicas De Gipuzkoa 

Centro De Estudios E Investigaciones Técnicas De Gipuzkoa

CEIT is a non-profit Research Organisation closely connected to TECNUN, the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Navarra (Spain). Founded in 1982, it originally arose from the Metallurgy Department of TECNUN. Nowadays it is a multidisciplinary centre (Materials, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Communications, Microsystems and Environmental units) with 266 employees and a turnover of 11M€ in 2006. In addition, CEIT belongs to IK4 research alliance, a result of the common interest of several Basque research institutes to take advantage of the synergies and multidisciplinary knowledge of a group in excess of 900 researchers. It is worth noting that several Spin-off companies have been promoted by CEIT and now almost 200 employs have been created.

CEIT Materials Department (65 people, of which 35 are permanent staff and 30 are PhD students) has research interests in phase transformations and thermo-mechanical treatments, in ceramic and metallic powder processing and in characterisation and modelling of mechanical properties of materials and their processes. Experimental state-of-the-art facilities include STEM-EDX, FEG-SEM/SEM –EDS-EBSD, AFM and various nano and microindentation equipments. In the near future and FIB will be installed. The Materials Department has extensive experience in nanoindentation and in analytical and numerical multiscale modelling, from atomic simulations to finite element modelling with in-house developments in the area of strain gradient crystal plasticity and cohesive elements. Its main task in this project will be the generation of controllable defects, its characterisation and the modelling of fracture phenomena at different scales.


Dr R. Elizalde González (SIDAM Deputy Project Coordinator) is a Researcher at CEIT and Senior Lecturer at TECNUN (University of Navarra). For the last ten years, she has participated in several Framework, CECA and industrial projects on interfacial mechanical characterization of composites and thin films, local deformation in multiphase steels and size effects using nanoindentation techniques and AFM. In particular she participated in the development for Intel Co. (USA) of a novel nanoindentation technique to characterize thin film interfaces used in the integrated circuit industry. Her main activities within the project will be in the generation and characterization of defects in silicon.
Jorge Garagorri Alario
Eider Gorostegui Colinas

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